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Integration and testing of a Radio Frequency bench

Type de contrat CDD Assistant-e ingénieur-e électronique embarquée (H/F)
Contexte CENSUS is a small team with facilities in Meudon. Office, desk and laptop with docking and display are provided. Enterprise restaurant on site. Partial refunded of the NAVIGO pass (upon adminstration rules).

Missions A concept of space mission is under study which consists in dropping a nanosatellite near an asteroid to measure the gravitational influence of the asteroid. A "radio-science" signal is sent to the CubeSat which responds with a delay and a frequency offset. A series of measurements during the asteroid flyby allows to reconstruct the precise deviation of the CubeSat and to deduce the mass of the asteroid. Currently, a test bench on the ground aims at validating the concept. The supplies are made except for a transponder (S band) already identified. A part of the bench is already integrated. In addition, a data-processing chain must translate a flight scenario into equivalent tests on the ground test bench and analyze the measurements obtained.

This mission concept is led by the IMCCE laboratory of Paris Observatory - PSL and has already received support from CNES, the Île-de-France region and the CENSUS space cluster of Paris Observatory - PSL.

The engineer in charge of the test bench will have to continue the elementary tests of the components of the bench, namely: mobile vehicle equipped with a bluetooth antenna, a mini-camera, a Lidar, a transponder with an S-band antenna and an electric motorization-steering system, fixed transmitting station and reflector screens for the Lidar. Then he/she will have to define and conduct the functional integration tests including the purchase, preparation and reception of the transponder. He/she will coordinate the involvement of radio-frequency experts and scientists of the project to interface the control system of the bench with the computer processing chain.

-Finalization of the integration of the bench (in particular some electronic circuits)
-Basic component test reports
-Definition and results of integration tests
-Detailed definition of the interfaces with the computer processing chain
-Participation in project progress reviews
-Monitoring and consulting on transponder technologies
-Possible recourse to an expert consultancy in radio frequency

Compétences -Compétences:
-Electronics (design and realization), Embedded electronics, C++
-Correct written English (all documentation in English), fluent spoken English
-Experience in radio frequency testing will be an advantage
-C++ programming in LINUX environment, git, occasionally MATLAB/OCTAVE, python
-Demonstration and test culture (elementary and functional tests)
Nom du contact Boris SEGRET
Email contact.census@obspm.fr
Téléphone +
Durée 13 mois
Date d'embauche 01/10/2022
Salaire selon expérience
Modalités Applications with resume, citizenship AND motication letter in ENGLISH only
Applications to contact.census@obspm.fr
Young graduates accepted, related internships and projects will be an advantage

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